About Aura Photography or Kirlian Photography

Digitized Human Aura Energy with aura photography

Aura is individual energy that surrounds a person’s body. Aura photography is a way to translate person auras into the digital world through Bio-Well Aura Camera. With a special aura camera, you can record and display the human electromagnetic energy that originates off a person’s body and transform those readings into an Aura Photography Report.

Aura photography is taken to gain the actual information and insight of the aura energy using a specific kind of advance aura camera biological electromagnetic sensor. The aura photography scanning procedure can reveal the feature of your body health and life so you can have actual insight that is extremely beneficial and distinctive.

Kirlian Aura Photography

The aura photography exhibits signs of physical disease even before the body manifests any symptoms. A person who is healthy at the physical, mental, and emotional level has bigger and brighter aura energy. In the case of an unhealthy person on any of these levels, the aura energy appears dull, down, and broken.

Aura photography scanning that would tell the following:

  • Identifying Chakra Imbalance
  • Diagnoses the state of the aura
  • Human Energy field assessment, which leads to a better understanding of their health trajectory
  • Identify Stress Areas and Many More Aura scanning benefit

BIO-WELL GDV CAMERA - Bio-Well Aura Camera by Dr. Korotkov


Bio-Well Aura Camera Machine can easily check the human energy field known Aura or the imbalances in the aura energy fields.

The environment, negative thoughts, negative feelings or negative gems/ jewel affects your aura.

By placing this well-programmed Aura photography Machine we can easily find various energy levels of the body and chakras. We can also identify negative and positive energies around us with the help of Accessory attachments to conduct Environment scans… It helps healers, health professionals, therapists…Vastu Consultants.

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Calibration Unit

The Bio-Well Calibration Unit is an attachment necessary to calibrate the device. MORE INFO

Aura photography Bio well Calibration Unit

The BIO-WELL CARRYING CASE offers protection and organization of the Bio-Well and its accessories. The double-zipper pulls back to show a soft, padded compartment which may be separated into sections using the 2 included removable, padded velcro walls.MORE INFOAura photography Camera Bio well CARRYING CASE

Bio-Well Filters are used for capturing fingers. They allow to decrease the influence of fat and sweat on the fingertips, hence showing stress on physiological level more than on psycho-emotional. MORE INFOAura photography Camera Bio well Filters

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